Ajwain (Indian Oregano) Herbal Plant


(Plectranthus barbatus)  Known as ‘Indian Oregano’ this Ayurvedic plant grows wildly and quickly and known to soothe coughs, colds and congestions. Aromatic and beneficial to have in the garden, it deters pests, grows easily in high to low light conditions and propagates quickly. Native to Africa and India.




  • Known to aid coughs, colds and congestions
  • Grows easily without much care
  • Keeps pests away due to its aroma
  • Fast growing

How to Use?

Eat directly as a salad or deep fry

Add to hot water and drink for curing colds and cough

A useful plant that can be grown and consumed regularly


Care Instructions

  • Water once in 3 days in low light and daily in full sun
  • Grows in shade and sun
  • Low maintenance and care
  • Propagate in water, once roots form transfer to soil


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