Farm Outdoor Experiences

Nature & Tree Walks

Nature & Tree Walks

Educational Trips

This farm visit has been curated to enable children to see and understand the connects of the natural world and importance of natural farming.
A camping experience that exposes you to the outdoors, pick fresh produce, basics of an organic farm, spot wildlife like birds, insects, reptiles, go for a trek, village walk, watch sunrise and sunsets


  • In this workshop, we take you through useful plants in Indoor, Flowering, Basic Greens and Vegetables, understand growing methods, organic fertilisers many of which can be made at home, resolving pest problems, helping plants to grow better and most of all creating a self sustaining space at home. 

Presented via PPT which explains plants and their care, maintenance, Join Kavya a grower and gardening consultant, through understanding plants and their nature and making the most of bringing relevant greenery and gardens into your home