Farm Outdoor Experiences

Farm Outdoor Experience
Ever wanted to understand and take an experiential walk through an organic farm? Join our day trips for families and learn where your food comes from.

Nature & Tree Walks

Nature & Tree Walks
Spend a wonderful day on a tree walk connecting to the rhythms of life & nature. Our Bengaluru Tree walk introduces you to the immense diversity of tree species in the city, while educating you about importance of conservation & the role we can play in it.

Educational Trips

This farm visit has been curated to enable children to see and understand the connects of the natural world and importance of natural farming.
An educational experience  that is curated to foster a love for the outdoors and nature.  We take the learners to a charming farm outside the city and engage then in a variety of learning based activities that are also fun!


Our hands-on workshops teach the Bengaluru residents how to garden sustainably. Join our gardening experts to learn how to grow food, conserve water with native and drought-tolerant plants, and build soil with compost.

We know that the key to a healthy garden and good soil is high quality compost. Not only does it close the environmental loop, and serve as a great teaching tool about all the invisible activity in a garden, but it is the core of what we do at a Green Venture.

Our workshops are designed to get you started on gardening, so you will have the required knowledge & tools required to build a successful garden at home on your terrace, backyard or balcony.