Online Gardening Workshop

Online Gardening Workshop


  • In this workshop, we take you through useful plants in Indoor, Flowering, Basic Greens and Vegetables, understand growing methods, organic fertilisers many of which can be made at home, resolving pest problems, helping plants to grow better and most of all creating a self sustaining space at home. 

Presented via PPT which explains plants and their care, maintenance, Join Kavya a grower and gardening consultant, through understanding plants and their nature and making the most of bringing relevant greenery and gardens into your home


Topics covered

  • 3S’s Get the basics right, understand the different light conditions
  • Watering correctly and season wise
  • 15+ Houseplants & Indoor varieties
  • 10+ Microgreens to grow
  • 15+ Easy greens your step into edible gardening
  • 15+ Growing Small Vegetables
  • 15+ flowering varieties to keep at home
  • 10+ soil and plant growing boosters homemade solutions (zero cost)
  • 6+ Home remedies for Pest issues resolve, using kitchen ingredients
  • Mixed garden and why
  • Get Nature in

All our workshops come with 14 days of free garden consult! Let us help you grow or start your garden and get all the wonderful benefits

Additional Details

Our workshops are designed in such a way that you jump into Gardening or grow correctly right away. We get you to grow better, diverse varieties whether you stay in a flat, home face different sunlight etc. We teach you foundational basics such as potting mix, seeds, increasing yield of plants naturally,  being solution-oriented, show tips and methods of keeping plants healthy for longer and busting myths in gardening. Most importantly we show you how to create an unbreakable connection with nature.

‘The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies’

– Gertrude Jekyll