Gardening & Plant Care Workshop


In this online workshop we take you through Biozymes and how they help Gardening and keeping a healthy home! Discover the world of magical microbes and plant growth boosters, make this at home and unlock the potential of wet waste in more ways than 1. 


  • Introduction to Bioezymes – What are they?
  • How are they important – Environmental, Sustainable
  • The Making of Bioezymes at home – Easy Preparation
  • Their benefits and uses – Discover their various uses
  • Gardening introduction – Get the thumb rules right
  • Houseplants aka Oxygen creators – Start with basics
  • Herbals for happiness – Keep health on top
  • Small to big Edibles for the home – Grow what you eat
  • Plant growth boosters Homemade – Garden tips
  • Bringing Nature indoors and Vitamin N – We are part of this world

Additional Details

We would also like to announce that in view of present Covid times, all our workshops for the months of May-June will be towards individuals and homes in need in these times

Lets do our bit, together.

Our workshops are designed to get you started on gardening, so you will have the required knowledge & tools required to build a successful garden at home on your terrace, backyard or balcony. We teach you foundational aspects like potting mix, seeds, increase the yield of plants at home through processes like Propagation, seed saving, gardening hacks where we offer many solutions, tips and methods of keeping a healthy daily harvest space for herbal plants and easy greens. Most importantly we teach you how to Garden and take care  of your green space, creating an unbreakable connection with nature.

‘There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments’

-Janet Kilburn Philips