Gardening & Plant Care Workshop


In this workshop we cover a special topic on Succulents & Houseplants which are easy, no hassle and great to keep at home for those who wish to keep greens which need little maintenance and lead aesthetics and beauty to a space


  • Basic understanding of succulents and identifying various kinds
  • History and background of succulents
  • Keeping, maintenance and propagation methods
  • Identify different Indoor plants with us
  • History and background of indoor plants
  • Keeping, maintenance and propagation methods
  • Fertilisers and soil boosters
  • Tips, Tricks & Gardening Hacks
  • The larger picture of Gardening and its benefits A General overview

To Note: For this workshop, sufficient light at home is needed at least 3-4 hours a day

Additional Details

Our workshops are designed to get you started on gardening, so you will have the required knowledge & tools required to build a successful garden at home on your terrace, backyard or balcony. We teach you foundational aspects like potting mix, seeds, increase the yield of plants at home through processes like Propagation, seed saving, gardening hacks where we offer many solutions, tips and methods of keeping a healthy daily harvest space for herbal plants and easy greens. Most importantly we teach you how to Garden and take care so you get addicted to your green space and create an unbreakable connection with nature.

‘There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments’

-Janet Kilburn Philips