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At A Green Venture we encourage you to choose the natural space and understand the back story of how food is grown, know your grower, garden and harvest your own and choose workshops, experiences products that are natural, transparent, and True. 

Get back to grassroots through knowledge of the natural world through Professional guided walks, Tours, Tree walks, Home gardening and Choose Sustainability products.

We make sustainable living accessible this way. When you choose us, you make a clean, sustainable and ethical choice. 

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Started by Kavya Chandra in 2016 who is Bangalore born and raised, certified scuba diver, nature lover, her passion for the environment started while spending time outdoors at parks and green destinations. This steered her into pursuing her higher studies in Climate & Sustainability, working with various startups that led her to founding her own venture in Nature, Education and Transparent products. A Home Gardener herself, Kavya works with various natural farms and green spaces in and around the city focussing on topics in Agriculture,  Horticulture, Plant diversity, Flora and Fauna in cities and our relationship with the Natural World. 

Nature is the best form of education, being more involved is actually for our own benefit. In fact we are all hard wired to be outdoors, in Nature.  Unlocking the potential of what the natural world can do has just begun, and we truly believe that a high dose of Vitamin N is is the need of the hour. Once you understand the world of flora and fauna, your connect to everything much deeply, be it ethical choices, consuming mindfully and  pushes us to live in ecological balance with the Natural World.

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