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The Story of A Green Venture

When we think about how we can make a difference to the environment or make this world a better place we often wonder how to do this and where to start.

With our Nature outdoor trips and Green workshops we make you love the natural world which makes you feel alive. By bringing the greenery to you, your mind automatically hits the button to tune in. A Green Venture offers a chance for you to get back to grassroots through experiential guided walks and tours, discover the sheer diversity of the living world as we explore and guide you through Natural farms, Parks, and Nature trails.

We make sustainable living accessible and are the bridge between people and the natural world.

Handmade products with ethically sourced raw materials.

A farm-to-table experience for the families & friends

Immersive learning experiences for children and young adults

Learn basic to advanced level skills to build your own urban garden

Connect with the nature on our trail walks

Started in 2016 by Kavya Chandra who is Bangalore born and raised, a scuba diver, nature lover, her love for the environment started at a young age. Growing up in Bangalore parks and spending time outdoors was the most natural thing to do which gradually steered her into pursuing her higher studies in Climate & Sustainability as she got older, working with startups in the sector and founding her own company in Nature Education. Being a Home Gardener herself, today Kavya works with natural farms and green spaces in and around Bangalore where she takes various groups for visit. 

“Growing up in a city like Bangalore , the outdoors was where we played, discovered, learnt and spent maximum time. We learnt so much from the natural world that teaches it takes away our fear and teaches us to be free. Nature is the best form of education, we need to integrate this into lives for the betterment of our own selves realise the need for nature for own development. I believe we are all hardwired to be outdoors and A Green Venture shows you the way. Flora and Fauna go hand in hand, one cannot sustain without the other if you have plants get ready to get nature in. Once you see the world of animals you realise our connect to this world is much deeper and understanding this allows us to make the best choices in what we purchase and who we support”

Kavya Chandra


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