Plantscaping & Community Gardens


A Community Garden is all about growing greens and vegetables for residents and families mimicking a natural farm using zero chemicals and embracing the natural world. The objective of these gardens is to bring families together and understand the value of soil fresh food grown right in their backyard and support these methods. 
By using easy farming methods such as multicropping, plant rotation, a rich topsoil, natural inputs and ethically sourced seeds you get delicious plants to harvest and enjoy with the family and bond with your community. 
In this manner we have grown over 20 different kinds of greens, native and exotic vegetables like Leafy greens; Kale, arugula, spinach, 2-3 types of lettuce, Italian basil, celery, parsley, mint, Bok choy etc Vegetables – Chillies, tomatoes, brinjal, carrot, radish, beets, Knol Khol 
We can help provide natural and naati seeds, great soil and a basic plan for you to get started to growing and enjoying community fresh vegetables
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We not only provide plants, we even advise which ones suit your home the best!  Creating natural spaces within homes brings out warmth and increases oxygen levels. These plants can be large indoor plants like areca to even small ones like succulents, which are aesthetically pleasing and low in care and maintenance.
We have a wide range of 30 different Indoor plants for you to choose and give your home that look and feel you always wanted.’