Amruthaballi Herbal sapling


(Tinospora Cordifolia) Amruthaballi a heart shaped leaf creeping plant is known to  remove toxins from the body, fight bacteria, useful in reducing high fevers, dengue, malaria etc

An ancient herb in Ayurveda known for its high medicinal uses, its name ‘Amrita’ translates into ‘Nector’ or ‘Root of immortality’

A Giloy leaf a day keeps the doctor away!



  • An immunity boosting plant
  • Grows like a creeper
  • No pest issues
  • Hardy, survives in low light conditions
  • Low maintenance and care


How to Use?

  • Eat a leaf a day to boost immunity and overall health
  • Decoction from  stem can be consumed on a weekly basis to boost health
  • Garden Care – Prune long stems regularly, take cuttings and propagate in water, transfer to soil

Care Instructions

  • Water once in 2-3 days
  • Keep in a wide container or on ground
  • Give a climbing support such as trellis/pole/ string
  • Ready-to-pot Garden soil can be used
  • Application of organic manure powder once a month is advised
  • Cuttings can be taken for propagation purposes
  • Propagation instructions – Propagate cutting in plain water till roots start, then transfer to soil

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