White butterfly pea flower plant (Shankapushpi)


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White Butterfly pea flower plant much like it’s bluer version, has wonderful medicinal benefits in the form of tea which are known to destress and strengthen the immune system. These terrace grown varieties enjoy a full sun and attract biodiversity like butterflies and small honeybees into the garden



  1. Fast growing, flowers all through the year very regularly
  2. Add to tea or any beverage of choice
  3. Not prone to pest attacks, medicinal plant variety

How to Use?

  1. White Flowers can be picked and steeped in hot water
  2. The seed pods can be harvested once dry and planted again
  3. Shankapushpi plant the leaves, stem, roots can also be used for relieving stress
  4. Known to motivate and lift mood and anxiety

Care Instructions

  • Give a well draining pot mix
  • Direct sun at least 4-5 hours
  • Dig around base of plant regularly for aeration of roots
  • Add citrus bioenzyme diluted in water once a month for best results

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