Lemongrass sapling



Natural Lemongrass saplings that come with a soil bag are excellent for areas that get full sun conditions. Dry loving medicinal plants, lemongrass can be used in various ways from culinary to aromatherapy and even beverages.

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  1. The leaves can be used immediately for making teas and marinades
  2. Versatile and hardy medicinal plant
  3. Enjoy full sun and well drained soil
  4. Keeps mosquitoes and flies away
  5. The aroma is pleasant and

How to Use?

  • Culinary
  • Aromatherapy

Care Instructions

  1. Water regularly
  2. Add a natural fertiliser once a month
  3. Harvest the leaves on a regular basis
  4. Stalk can be harvest once the plant grows well
  5. Place in well lit sun area

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