Red Kalanchoe flowering plant


(Kalanchoe Beharensis) Hardy flowering plant, grows well in bright indirect light perfect for bright corners of the house. These succulent flowering plants are wonderful to keep for those who want unfussy flowering plants at home, these need sunlight however can also be placed in bright light that is warm. Add a natural fertiliser (curd in water or cow manure powder) once in 2-3 weeks to keep the buds blooming frequently, once the plant doubles the size of the pot repot into a fresh container. You can also add these to your flower beds in a garden. Native to Madagascar, these colours can certainly brighten up a garden and their hardy nature makes them thrive the year around.

Fun fact: Kalanchoe were among the first plants to be sent into space in 1979

Comes with container, diameter is 4-5 inches

Size: Medium size



  • Blooms stay for long
  • Hardy Houseplant variety
  • Air purifiers
  • Can be brought indoors

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Bright light or Indirect light
  • Water when soil dries out
  • Add a Houseplant fertiliser once a month

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