Peperomia Indoor Houseplant


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Peperomia Houseplants are easy to keep, hardy plants that thrive in homes. This plant is tolerant of extremely low light levels making them one of the best indoor plants to keep. Known to increase oxygen levels, the dark thick green leaves need watering only once in 4-5 days and even go without water upto 10 days easily.

Grown in-house, peperomia add that touch of green to office spaces, table tops, coffee tables without the hassle of maintenance

Ours are medium to large (1-2 kg) comes with soil and pot, no need for reporting for at least 3 months

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  • Natural air purifiers
  • Low in maintain and care, hardy houseplants
  • Needs less water, ideal for travellers and those who not at home but want that touch of green
  • Hardy variety, recommended for beginners
  • Can be propagated from cuttings

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Water only when soil is completely dry, once in 4 days
  • These can go without water for upto 10 days
  • Bringing indoors once in a few days is advised
  • Keep away from direct sunlight at all times, bright light is enough
  • Repot in 6 months time to a container that is 2xL

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