Fiddle Leaf Fig Sapling (Medium)


Fiddle Leaf Figs are tall tree like Home plants, they grow best in window light or early morning sunlight. A favourite inside homes, best placed near windows or bright indirect light spaces. Water once a week, wipe the leaves regularly, add a an organic fertiliser once in 2-3 weeks and enjoy this quiet plant at home. Perfect addition to large plants that can be placed inside homes.

Size: Medium, height 1 foot

Comes without pot



  • Purify the air inside homes
  • A favourite in interior landscaping of homes
  • Not a high maintenance plant
  • Adds to green decor at homes
  • Low maintenance variety
  • Grows vertically
  • Large violin shaped leaves make it a standout

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Place in bright indirect sunlight, near a window or a bright spot
  • Avoid windy/ draft areas
  • Water when the soil dries out (3-7 days depending on light exposure)
  • Wipe and mist the large leaves regularly
  • Add an organic fertiliser once in 3 weeks to a month

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