Succulent Soil (2 kg)


Succulents and Cacti plants love a well drained soil that is loose and porous, this soil type is best for these dry loving plant species and keep your succulents growing and happy.

Ideal for all succulent, cactus varieties etc



  • Use for all succulent and cacti variety
  • Natural and organic
  • Easy, no hassle soil mix

How to Use?

Care Instructions

  • Pot succulents in this mixture immediately
  • Only water when soil dries out completely
  • Water succulents and cacti once in 10 days or once in 2-3 weeks depending on environment

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    Shradha Mohanty

    Easy-to-use succulent soil

    They is very handy and I’m currently using it to grow Pepperomia and Opuntia.

    27 June 2021
    Verified Review

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