Vermicompost Powder (25 kg)


Natural Vermicompost made by earthworms is rich with humus and the best top up your soil can ask for. This fertile rich soil is filled with nutrients, minerals and excellent for booting plant health and young saplings. Add regularly to soil for best results. You even use as is in your new garden container.



  • Vermisoil is a powerhouse of nutrients, microbes, rich humus content that promotes healthy growth
  • Beneficial for vegetables and greens
  • Acts as a natural fertiliser

How to Use?

  • Add to already existing topsoil in pots/garden containers/ground
  • During repotting, add and mix with existing soil
  • Use directly as fresh soil to new containers
  • Use as whole or in equal quantities with other soil

Care Instructions

  • Once bag is opened and used, store in a cool dry place
  • Best before 6 months

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