Organic Manure Powder (5 kg)


Cow manure powder is an ideal fertiliser soil medium for all plants, especially vegetables, greens and fruit varieties. This microbe rich fertiliser is made from natural cow manure that is dried, powdered that releasing essential nutrients slowly.



  • Releases nutrients to plants, slowly and steadily
  • Increases microbial activity of soil which results in healthy plants
  • Keeps soil ‘Living’ and healthy

How to Use?

  • Add once in 2-3 months to soil, dig 3-4 inches on top soil and add
  • During repotting, add a few handfuls and mix with existing soil
  • Use 1-2 handfuls for each pot depending on size

Care Instructions

  • Use within 6 months
  • After opening keep away from air and light
  • A few handfuls to each container

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