Natural Neem Powder (5 Kg)


Our Natural Neem powder for gardening is made from neem kernals and leaves, excellent for keeping harmful bugs and insects out of soil, prevents root rot and increases plant health with slow release of nutrients over time.



    • Neem powder is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and calcium
    • Useful for sturdy growth and a high yield of crops
    • Prevents root rot and disease

How to Use?

  • During repotting, add a few handfuls and mix with existing soil
  • Use 1-2 handfuls for each pot depending on size
  • Add once in 2-3 months to soil, dig 3-4 inches on top soil and add

Care Instructions

  • Use within one year of purchase
  • Add 1-2 fistfuls to soil/ containers every 3 months
  • Seal the bag once opened so air flow is reduced
  • 5 kg bag is sufficient for 6-7 large sized pots (add 2 fistfulls only)

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