Money Plant Indoor Plant (comes with pot and soil)


Money Plant or Pothos scientific name ‘Epipremnum aureum’   is an indoor hardy plant species which increases air circulation and improves the greenery of the environment. Native to Southeastern Asia, this common houseplant is versatile, low maintenance and survives both in soil and water in bright to low light conditions. Grows easily in all homes and hardy houseplant.



  • Survives in bright light/ indirect/ low light conditions
  • Increased greenery naturally inside the house
  • Purifies indoor air and recommended to keep at all times

How to Use?

  • Money plant is for purifying indoor air only
  • Cannot be consumed

(All our cuttings come with 3-4 leaves and several nodes)

Care Instructions

  • Change water every week/ water once in 2-3 days
  • Place in a humid environment
  • Propagates easily
  • Add a fertiliser organic manure to top soil once a month
  • Propagation instructions – Cut the stem to include a node and a few leaves and place in another bottle

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