Monstera Deliciosa (Large Housplant)


Bring the green indoors with these monster sized plants. These large sized ones are 3-4 feet in height and liven up houses instantly. Each plant comes with 4-5 large leaves and a large container. Weight is 8-10 kg per plant.

Native to South Mexico, these beautiful large leafed indoor species grow well in bright light or indirect light corners and create a forest feeling inside homes.



  • Low maintenance and slow growing
  • Freshen any space immediately
  • Leaves are large, improve air quality

How to Use?

This is not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Place in an area that gets bright light
  • Water when soil dries out
  • Clean the leaves every few days
  • Add a fertiliser (Manure powder) once in 40 days
  • Repot after 6 months into a larger container

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