Red Chinese Evergreen


The Red Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) brightens living rooms and areas which get partial light. Easy to keep and grow, this bright looking plant reminds you of a bird more than a plant  🙂

Give it a warm corner and watch it growing brighter, water only when soil dried out, you can even propagate this as it grows and get more out of one

Comes with pot



  1. Air purifying variety
  2. Absorbs Carbon dioxide at night
  3. Makes a great bedroom and living room plant
  4. Known to be a ‘lucky plant’according to Feng shui and bringer of good luck

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  1. Water when soil dries out
  2. Place in a humid area or on pebbles
  3. Partial light is enough
  4. Add a organic solution once a month

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