Rubber Houseplant


(Ficus Elastica)  Rubber plant is a low maintenance, low light loving indoor houseplant. Its burgundy coloured leaves makes this variety a low light loving species and needs watering once a week. Place in any corner of the house, low maintenance and easy to care.

Our choice of top 6 Hard to Kill Houseplants

Comes with container

Medium size – 5-6 inch pot diameter



  • Thrives in low light and indoor spaces
  • Low maintenance – Sun and water
  • Fuss free plant
  • Ideal for all kinds of homes
  • No pest attacks

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Water only when the soil dries out completely, once a week
  • Repot after 3 months or when the plant overgrows the pot
  • Add an organic fertiliser once in two months (curd dissolved in water)
  • Keep away from direct sun or harsh sunlight completely
  • Place in bright light or partial light space, it can even tolerate low light conditions

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