Coleus Houseplant



Coleus (Coleus Blumei) colours to make your home and balcony come alive! These hardy houseplants have beautiful leaves, best kept in semi-shade areas to dress up a drab corner of your balcony or inside the home where natural light comes. These grow quickly and the best part they can be propagated very easily by taking cuttings!

Buy 1 and get 2nd one absolutely free, 2 colours that complement each other

Size – Medium

Comes with pot

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  1. Easy to adapt and keep in homes
  2. Add colour and warmth wherever they are
  3. Grow quickly
  4. Easily propagated

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  1. Water them more frequently than other houseplants
  2. Add an organic fertiliser once a month
  3. Place in semi-shade, warm areas
  4. If placed indoors, near a sunny window is best
  5. Repot after 2-3 months

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