About Us

A Green Venture is an Experiential & Educational space on Nature & Outdoors based in Bangalore. We seek to bring knowledge, wisdom, learning on subject specific topics in Biodiversity, Farm-fresh, Horticulture, Gardening, Trees, Insect-plant relationships etc through workshops and sessions to connect and engage individuals to the natural world and take you through experiences and learning that impact you in several positive ways


Farm Visits, Nature Camps at food-growing spaces which are natural and chemical free. These are held at natural farms in and around the city where you spend an entire day or overnight camps that immerse you in a natural environment which grows food and incorporates biodiversity

Gardening at home Learn about growing various edible varieties, bring nature into your life, learn about various plants you can keep. Plants are beneficial in many ways and easy to grow and maintain, we show your why keeping a mixed and wild garden is important

Urban Tree Knowledge Walk with us through iconic parks and learn about the ecological role of trees and their immense characteristics. Our walks highlight tree behaviour, history and background, identifying and the wealth of trees in large and growing cities like Bangalore.

New* Customised Nature & Outdoor РHave a birthday or get together and want to head outdoors to nature? We assist, help and teach you for the perfect location not far from Bangalore and be you nature guide for the day! We take you to heritage spots, parks, treks to discover, learn and enjoy your special day (Children 5 years and above) 


Founded in 2015 by Kavya Chandra a Nature lover and Green Entrepreneur, Kavya worked with various sustainability start ups for 8 years, her actual journey started in 2010 when she got her diving license and fell in love with the natural world. 5 years of working with small organisations and graduating from CEPT and IGNOU with degrees in Climate & Sustainability gave her the push to start her own Nature Education.

Today A Green Venture works with various farmers, schools, groups and teams bringing learning, discovery, better choices and happiness.

With over 200 farm visits, nature camps, tree walks and close to 50 Gardening Workshops, her mission is to impact as many schools, groups and people across the country bridging the gap between the outdoors and people through the education and experiences at A Green Venture.

According to Kavya,“There is a huge need to connect back to the real world, we have moved away from all forms of natural life around us, we now seek enclosed spaces devoid of nature and only screens and tech which actually does more harm to us than good. As a child growing up in a city like Bangalore, the outdoors was where play, discovery, learning and spending time took place. We learn so much from the natural world which teaches patience, social structure, information, it takes away our fear and teaches us to be free. Nature is the best form of education and learning, we need to integrate this into lives to sow seeds of learning and appreciation of our natural resources.”