A Green Venture is an eco-enterprise which makes sustainable living accessible, informative and educational  based through outdoor workshops, curated eco-based platforms,earth-friendly choices and earthy gifting hampers. Our goal is to provide immersive learning experiences and readily available options to start natural living, eco-learnings at farms and organic spaces.

What we provide

Outdoor Experiencial Learning workshop –  The objective is to bring consumers directly in touch with farmers and understand how healthy, chemical-free produce can reach them making the switch to better choices easier. This is an educational interactive session that connects people from cities to natural farms, focus on knowledge that that the farmer brings and gets individuals to re-learn grassroots and basics of the source of food.  In this outdoor learning major areas are covered (i) The farm and farmer (ii) Role of the environment, biodiversity and water in growing (iii) Organic vs. inorganic choices (iv) Sustainable Living education (v) The bigger picture (vi) Convenience and access to farm fresh produce

Sustainable-Living workshops – We curate Kitchen Fresh Gardening in Garbage-to-garden hands-on workshops for individuals, families and young minds to grow their own greens at home with theory and practice both. Trash can be truly valuable and to think that 60% of household waste can grow edible foods, gardens and bring back greenery to lives. Our other experts are storytellers, candlemakers, pottery experts, kitchen garden services and more in sustainable living.

Curated Eco-properties – Creating visual sustainability eco-systems on a platform for a better understanding of sustainable choices, experts, diy and interactive-based mediums for consumers for awareness and engagement in eco-friendly living. We created 2 properties (i) Interactive Farmer Market – Bringing over 8 farmer/ growers from South India with their produce to run sessions and engage on choosing directly from farms (ii) Waste to Garden – Giving a vertical structure made out of waste material a value with dashes of green, participants built a green wall. We also curate green corners for other events to make eco-living a part of mainstream as much as possible.

A Real Farmer Market                                                                                       A Vertical Garden


Earthy Hampers – Our eco-hampers are made of products for everyday consumption, great for the skin and to start green thumbs. Our baskets come with wild honey, cashew crunch, tea/ coffee, spices, millet snacks, citrus scrub, cold presssed coconut oil,  laundry and dish bars, herbal hair oil starter kit for edible gardening that includes soil, compost, seeds, and guidelines. We customise this for corporate gifting, brides and moms-to-be as well making each basket unique in itself.