Pink Rose Miniature (Button rose) Flowering plant


A beautiful pink variety, this humid monsoon loving variety makes you love plants instantly. Smaller than the usual rose, the buds will flower regularly and with regular trimming grows well even in hanging pots. Place in South or West facing windows, increase the temperature around and always keep moist with water and regular spray.

Colour: Bright baby pink

Come with container (1 kg)


  1. Roses add colour, warmth and beauty anywhere
  2. Attract biodiversity and nature
  3. Buds can be used for aromatherapy
  4. Self propagating with the right care

How to Use?

Care Instructions

  1. Water immediately when soil starts to dry
  2. During repotting add 1/2 cocopeat and 1/2 organic manure
  3. They enjoy sun – Place in South window (at least 3-4 hours of sun)
  4. Fertilise with high nitrogen mix each month

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