Pink Anthurium (medium)


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Indoor plant species that thrives near warm sun filled windows, these humid loving houseplants enjoy a warm atmosphere and indirect light for their flowers to bloom continuously. A pretty addition to your houseplant collection, perfect for drawing rooms which get in filtered light and away from open drafts strong windows. These enjoy the monsoon season the most due to high humidity levels.

Size: Medium to large (6-7 inch container)

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  1. Ideal for air purification
  2. Makes the ideal gift
  3. Great for those who want colourful houseplants
  4. Self propagates, easy to maintain houseplant

How to Use?

Care Instructions

  1. Water when soil dries out completely
  2. Take out any dried parts when required
  3. Place in indirect sun, near a window
  4. Prefers humid, warm areas, give it other plants for company
  5. Add an organic fertiliser once a month (cow manure powder)

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