Philodendron Neon Houseplant (with pot)


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(Philodendron cordatum) An indoor houseplant that is refreshing colour which are cooling to the eye and easy to keep and maintain in all homes, this non fussy variety also propagates quickly giving you baby ones and with the right maintenance you can find yourself

Size: Medium (5-6 inches diameter)

Comes with pot container

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  1. Easy to keep an maintain, adapts fast in new homes
  2. Enjoys indirect warm light
  3. Can be propagated you get more from one
  4. Bright lime green yellow adds colour to spaces
  5. Releases oxygen indoors

How to Use?

Do not consume

Care Instructions

  1. Water when the soil dries out
  2. Enjoys an organic fertiliser once a month
  3. Repot in larger container after 3-4 months, cuttings can be taken for more plants
  4. Do not place in direct sun, only indirect warm light

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