Red Hibiscus flower



Red hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant which does well in all homes, it require 3-4 hours of direct sunlight a medium to large sized container, well drained soil and regular watering.

A common houseplant in many homes, hibiscus rosa-sinensis has many uses in hair care, dried hibiscus can be consumed as a form of tea, also known to have medicinal uses in women’s health

Sapling size: Medium to large

Does not come with container

Use our potting soil as a soil medium for this variety

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  1. A beautiful flower to add to gardens
  2. Native to India, common in many households
  3. Blooms continually
  4. Easy to keep and grow
  5. Flower petals can be consumed
  6. Good for health

How to Use?

  1. Flower petals can be consumed
  2. Dry the petals and steep in hot water
  3. Dried petals can be made into a hair oil

Care Instructions

  1. Use a well draining soil during repotting in a large container
  2. Place the flower in a sunny spot (minimum 3-4 hours of sunlight)
  3. Spray a solution of garlic-ginger-green chillies for any pest issues
  4. Add a fertiliser once in three weeks

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