Clematis Gouriana (Aromatic creeper)



This aromatic, perfume filled plant is wonderful to keep outdoors or in a sunny balcony. The flowers enjoy the sun, low maintainence variety, grows as a creeper, brings in biodiversity and pollinators

Full sized plant, 2-3 feet in height come with pot



  1. Full grown plant, flowers are present
  2. Grows as a creeper, gives a wonderful look to balconies and gardens
  3. Low maintainence species
  4. Also grows in less sunlight

How to Use?

Not to be consumed, keep away from pets and small children

Care Instructions

  1. The more sun the better
  2. After 2-3 months transfer to a bigger container
  3. Add a natural soil fertiliser (manure powder or compost) once in 10 days

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