Bangalore has an astounding variety of horticulture and flora. It all started with Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan in the late 1700 early 1800 who were responsible for literally sowing the seeds of today’s beautiful garden and nearly 1000 variety of trees in Bangalore and Mysore. Prior to this period Bangalore was a rocky and barren place but the father and son king duo love for trees and horticulture transformed the barren landscape into a green paradise within years.


For decades, Trees have been a source of water and food for thousands of people all over the world. Their presence means the timely onset on the monsoon, storage of precious underground resource, home for wildlife and creates of food which are mutually beneficially, in some cases a symbiotic relationship crucial to the sustainable future  of all life.

Thanks to our rulers in the early days, Bangalore boosts of wild species and exotic ones which ideally means which do not originate from the country.

To name the wild ones Jackfruit, Neem, Red silk cotton, Banyan tree, Peepal, Sausage tree, Pride of India, Mango, Honge, Jammun, Mahogany

IMG_20190713_081924The exotic ones attract far more attention than their wilder counterparts. Namely Gul Mohar (Madagascar), Rain tree (South America), African Tulip tree, Yellow and Pink Tabebuia (Mexico and Argentina), Copper pod

Cubbon park was established by Sir John Meade and the landscaping undertaken by Richard Sankey who was the chief engineer. Spread across over 100 acres constituting of over 6000 flora and tree species and an estimated 200 species of plant wealth

Why not take a walk through these towering Green Giants and hear what they have to say?

Leaf to us, Listen to Histree’

What we cover in a 2 hour period of Iconic parks in Bangalore

  • History of Cubbon and Bangalore’s agriculture
  • Learn about common, wild and exotic trees, their background and their uses
  • Stories, facts and myths how culture and belief is tied to our Trees
  • Pick up seeds, barks, branches, deserted nests and anything earthy as we walk
  • We observe, explain, interact with you the entire time
  • Pop quiz time and takeaways


A Green Venture (Trails, Farms, Nature, Gardening)

Upcoming Tree walk at Cubbon Park

Date: Sat, Jan 25 2020

Timing: 7:30 am – 9:30 am

(+919886400312/ [email protected])

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