A Green Venture Celebrates the Environment

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VR Bengaluru went green on June 4th-5th with farmers, gardeners, experts and products as we showcased our eco platforms for consumers to understand and experience healthier alternatives and demystify the green area through farm-fresh, waste management, activities, products and eco-music.

Farm to Fork – Bridging the gap between the maker and consumer where you meet, green and taste from growers of your food directly! AGV brought close to 8 farmers over 2 days who displayed farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, honey, spices, poultry, sustainable cotton, staples, millets, grains and more. The focus of this eco-property was to learn how and where organic, sustainable farming in Bangalore comes from and buy directly from the makers. Read more about our natural farmer/ experts

Vertical Garden from recyclables – Using material that would be junked, a vertical garden was created using coconut shells, glass bottles, industrial containers, bamboo and cane showcasing the various uses of waste and the benefits of giving used good a longer shelf life with green steps. The garden was built by everyone, plant a sapling and build a green connection we caught some wonderful images of folka planting, potting and connecting with soil through this interactive space.

Workshops galore – Farmers, gardeners, artists and experts interacted with crowds, set against the green background of the venue we brought potted veggie plants and greens to infuse the spirit of world environment.  Storytellers, Sustainable fashion, Weaving and Coiling, Sketching with Charcoal, Heritage Walks, Natural candle making, Community initiatives, Cooking with millets, Talks on upcycling, composting, kitchen gardening took place which had all ages pitching in, learning, having a good time More about the workshops and experts in activities here.

Eco-products; From upcycling home/ decor, lifestyle to gardening at home, composting, waste management, skin care and renewable energy, our makers of organic living and eco-service spoke, interacted and showcased the large diversity of their collections in earth friendly living. More about our product makers here.

We could not have asked for a better ending to the weekend – Montry and Daniel from Thaalavattam make music with recyclables. watch them perform here

Covered and in the news across the city

Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, The Economic Times, Bangalore Mirror (Featured article), Eartha, Livemint, Kidsstoppress, Newswits

Event Websites

Buzzing Bubs, Time Out, Citizen Matters, Bangalore Mall Mart, All Events, Events Node, VR Newsroom, ETrigg, MyCity4Kids, Buzz in Town, Events High, Thisweekinbangalore

A special thanks to our amazing eco-volunteers most of whom were attendees of  Sustainability Drinks in the city for giving us the platform and springboard for the experience!

(Photo credit – VR Bengaluru and Mridul Chandra)

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