Zinia Flowers Plant Mix (Set of 5 colours)



Zinia plants are a delight to keep, they brighten up any space and hugely positive, outdoor sun loving varieties ensure you keep these together in a warm spot that gets at least 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. They also make great balcony railing plants

Get our mix of any 5 colours – Yellow, pink, pinkish-red, orange, red, purple



  • Bright colours look wonderful in the garden
  • Bring in biodiversity
  • Warm up a space in terms of look and feel

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  • Full sun required, leave in the pot till it grows bigger
  • Water when soil dries out
  • Fertilise once in 12-13 days
  • Place in hanging containers, railing containers on balcony
  • Prune back each time flowering finishes, this will speed up flowering process
  • Citrus Bioenzyme solution promotes leaf an flower growth

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