Aloe Vera Herbal sapling


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A highly useful medicinal, indoor and herbal plant species, Aloe Vera is known to have a deeply calming effect, can withstand temperature changes and can be placed both outdoors and indoors making it a highly adaptable species.

Shares a close relation to the cacti species, dislikes regular watering and can regrow even after being cut multiple times

Medium sized comes in a sapling bag with soil



  1. Adaptable and easy growing plant variety
  2. Multi-beneficial, emits oxygen at high levels and used for skin ailments
  3. Can be re grown even after cutting
  4. Self propagates easily
  5. Can survive indoors and outdoors

How to Use?

  1. Gel can be used from the leaves on skin
  2. The gel can be used for propagating other indoor plant species
  3. Place in indirect areas like work stations and bedroom for increasing oxygen levels
  4. Dislikes water, water once once in 7-10 days only
  5. Use a succulent soil during potting

Care Instructions

  1. Use a soil that is slightly sandier
  2. Water once a week-10 days only
  3. Repot into larger container once outgrows

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