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Biofach India is coming to Bangalore this weekend and the organic crowd are gearing up to showcase, talk, network and host a spectacle for the interested public in town. With more and more green mela‘s and events picking up pace on organic food and sustainability, this year is going to see a healthy mix of families, experts, entrepreneurs at the event. I for one am waiting to meet, network and get some good gyan about the greener side of life.

The other day walking down levelle road, I walked into ‘The Glasshouse’ one of Bangalore’s newest lounge bar’s- snazzy restaurants and was pleasantly surprised to find empty racks at the entrance which will be used for Hydroponic vegetables. “That will start very soon!”, said the eager manager to me, their breads are yum by the way I tried out the pumpkin seed and sun dried tomatoes ones and going back for more soon. Hydroponic farming is growing plants/ veggies/ ornamental in sustainable water requirements without soil. The entire concept of merging a cosmopolitan atmosphere, food and being environmental friendly was so nice! This is one place I am definitely checking out in a couple of week’s.

Next couple of days are going to be exciting with fun activities and talks like ‘Nature on My Plate‘ presented at Biofach India in Bangalore. There are going to be interactive sessions, talks, activities and session between Bangalore’s Kitchen Gardeners, organic enthusiasts of the city, educational activities for kids and an entire pool of organic brands, consumers, produces, supply chains telling is who is doing what and what the benefits are. Yes I am definitely looking forward to this one!

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