List of Farmers, Markets and Collectives for Organic Produce

At A Green Venture we believe in taking you through a journey of where food started, how trees grew, native and non-native species, the diversity of medicinal plants and the role of small yet significant creatures like honeybees, earthworms, cows and wildlife at farms.

Through day-trips, weekend workshops and camps we intend in showing you the greener side of the world and how you can actively switch to better informed choices when shopping organic and natural food. A typical day at a farm located outside the city includes a farm trail and learning about the role of nature in growing our food.

Here are a list of go-to growers, farmers and transparent sellers in Bangalore and neighbouring areas (and will keep updating for our readers)

  1. Chiguru Farm – Raghavendra Bhat or known as Raghu grows seasonal fruits at his Kanakapura based farm that includes mango, lychee, lemon, banana and will soon be introducing more vegetables and pulses in the coming months
  2. Maple tree farms – Shankar grows most vegetables and fruits at his farm located in Hosur, you can place an order on his online portal
  3. Jivabhumi – An online platform which believes in transparency and information about natural farming, the grower, region and native knowledge on their packaging, they sell non-perishable products on their website
  4. Buffalo Back – Located in Jayanagar and Yelahanka run by Vishala a farmer herself Buffalo back has an amazing collection of heirloom and healthy products, Wed and Fri are when the produce comes in so head across to for your weekly supplies
  5. The Eco Store – Located in HSR, this place offers to tell you where the produce comes from in Bangalore, you can buy all organic requirements including many skin care products
  6. The Green Path organic store – Located bang opposite Mantri mall, an upscale sustainable destination this is a one-stop for all your organic needs
  7. Anemane Organics – Run by Vibhu whose farm is located in Banneghatta, this store aggregates products which are known by few and will soon be starting their online home delivery service. Connect with them for fresh produce here
  8.  Yarroway Farm – Located in Mysore connect with them  for getting some awesome produce
  9. Orgobliss – Horticulture farm and online run by Suresh
  10. Jagdeesh Nature Farming – Jagdeesh Reddy, 9916928543 cold pressed oil, millets, jaggery and mango home delivered straight from his farm in Chittoor
  11. Hamsah Organic Farm – Grow chickoo, mango, lot of ragi. They sell regularly at Farmer markets and mango pickings in the summer
  12. Bhoomi Santhe Farmers Market – Happens on the 1st Saturday of every month, meet organic and natural farmers selling freshly harvested greens, vegetables, fruits and groceries
  13. Farmizen – A ‘Real life Farmville’ where you grow, harvest and get door-delivered fresh smelling greens and vegetables all controlled through an app. A one time monthly investment that gives you weekly harvests of anywhere between 6-10 kg for the house.

We will keep updating this list, if you are interested in getting your store/ farm listed you can reach out to us on [email protected] We will respond once we have reviewed the same.



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