Get the Green in during these testing times

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As we watch the world coming to a grinding halt, with offices, education, factories, gatherings, outings etc being barred all due to one virus that has literally shaken and brought the world down to its knees.

This is perhaps a time to think and reflect on our own actions, everyday living, our relationships and activities which take a backseat on any other day. Given the current situation and the sudden time available there is much we can do with staying at home and figuring how to keep ourselves and the family engaged as we watch the world stop at a signal that doesn’t change to green. We at A Green Venture give you a few green garden to-do’s to brighten your new daily living.

We advise you to bring the green inside as much as possible, after all what better time than this and the understanding that its needed more than ever. Share your knowledge with those around you, include them in your life, laugh more, share tips and what your garden is growing. It can be a small packet of seeds, a sapling, a baby plant whose mum takes up to much space, earthworms etc. Spare 2 hours everyday start with the morning it is the best time and gives way to a way more productive day ahead. You will slowly your notice your garden becoming greener, happier and responding to you in a few days because of time given. The same goes with loved ones around.

This outbreak has led to reckoning amongst most us, on the very fragility of life. The fact that nature will always win and conquer and our actions reflect our own relationship with the planet. Let’s truly look out of the window and think about the times we have arrived upon.

Garden, to feel Great!

  • WATER YOUR PLANTS, make sure the water flows out of the container
  • START PLANTING nursery trays, round or square shaped which has a 4 inches depth
  • PRUNE AND ADD dead leaves, buds, flowers cut in pieces to your soil
  • GO VERTICAL! Yes the higher your green, the greater the visibility and positive effects

Harvest, and Go Raw!

  • HARVEST all those weeds, most of them are edible and delicious add them to your salads, check out this link of edible weeds in your garden and increase your vitamin take
  • HERBAL PLANTS are your best bet especially for building immunity and focus, grow from sapling, varieties like Ajwain, Amrutaballi, Lemongrass, Vitamin plant, Malabar spinach, check out the list of plants below along with all the benefits

We hope you enjoy reading this short note, make sure you think and feel happy and follow our above tips on Growing and Gardening to becoming a Happier and Healthier you!

1 Garlic Chives Allium Tuberosum Leaves Cooking, adding flavour
2 Naati Coriander (local)


Coriandrum Sativum Leaves Cooking/ marinade
3 Pudina/ Mint Mentha Leaves Cooking, coolant
4 Spearmint Mentha Spicata Leaves Cooking, tea
5 Peppermint Mentha Piperita Leaves Aromatherapy, cooking, tea
6 Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus Leaves Aromatherapy, cooking
7 Citronella Cymbopogon nardus Leaves Insect repellent, aromatherapy
9 Ginger Zingiber officinale Root and leaves Cooking, sore throat
9 Galangal Alpinia Galanga Root and leaves Cooking, cold, congestion
10 Turmeric Cucuma longa Root and leaves Powder, antioxidant, antiinflammatory
11 Ajwain Plectranthus amboinicus Leaves Cough, cold
12 Malabar Spinach Basella alba Leaves Mouth ulcer, rich iron,
13 Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia Stem/ leaves Fever, Acidity, Diabetes Liver tonic, General immunity, Positive health booster
14 Brahmi Centetilla Asiastica Leaves Memory enhancer, hair care, fever,
15 Ashvaganda Withania Somnifera Roots/ Leaves General immunity/ Blood purifier
16 Drumstick Moringa Oleifera Leaves/ fruits/ bark/ flowers High iron, stomach ache, fungal infection, intestinal worms
17 Chirayata Andrographis Paniculata Leaves Fever and Diabetes
18 Multivitamin Sauropus Androgynus Leaves High Vitamin, Positive health
19 Gudmar/ Indian Sweet Bitter Gymnema sylvestre Leaves Diabetes
20 Henna/ Mehendi Lawsonia inermis Leaves Coolant, liver tonic, fungal infection
21 Curry leaf/ Karipatta Murraya koeniigii Leaves Digestion. Liver tonic, hair health
22 Tulsi Ram and Tulsi Krishna Ocimum tenuiflorum Leaves Cold, Fever

Indian Borage leaf/ Patta Ajwain


Coleus aromaticus


Cough, cold, allergy, congestion

24 Bhrungaraja Eclipta Prostrata Leaves Hair care, skin care
25 Khus Vetiveria Leaves Reduces body heat
26 Naagadali/ Sadab Ruta graveolens Leaves  Cough, cold, fever, stomach ache
27 Hippali/ long pepper Piper longum Fruit Cough, hoarse throat
28 Adusoge/ Adusa Adhatada zeylanica Leaves Fever, cold, respiratory problem
29 Madhumalini/ Pilet Spilanthues calva Flowering spike Dysentry, body pain
30 Ayapana Water hemp  Eupatorium triplinerve Leaves Blood purifier


Vegetable seeds (15 different varieties) Home grown and organically sourced, high quality Plant in your garden pot
Cocopeat (Best for seed starters) Coconut husk powder Add to your compost bin or pot soil, seed starter
Vermicompost Soil Earthworm rich soil Use as potting soil
Panchagavya (Cow manure solution) Cow manure solution farm made Dilute 1:8 ratio in water add to plants every 15 days
Mud pots and coir peat pots 8 inch mud, 6 inch coco peat Garden pots

CONTACT A GREEN VENTURE ON or WHATSAPP +919886400312 for inquiries

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