Bombay – the city of dreams

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Hi, its been a while since I blogged and much has changed since I last wrote in February this year. I moved to Bombay in April and started working in a wildlife magazine and its been almost 7 months since the move.

Big city Bombay is a wonderful place to be at this stage of my life. The people, the places, the energy, the worklife of every single person inspires me. I loved Bombay from day 1 and always knew that for a long time. Having lived here more than 10 years ago I told myself that one day I will find a home in this great place called Bombay, the city of dreams.
There’s something very endearing about each little characteristic that defines the city. Be it the train system, which and I as well as many others may have quoted as the ‘life-line’ of Bombay. The shoe-polishers who sit at Churchgate station in Colaba working almost in symphony together, the vada-pav which I tasted for the very first time outside this station and even dared to have a pani-puri! The dabba walla system which work like clockwork bang on time every single day dishing out delicious home made food for hungry Bombayites. The huge pavements in South Bombay which cover Nariman Point, Colaba allowing you to take a walk in peace and drink in the city that you want to know about. I remember getting lost around Churchgate but enjoyed it because somehow you manage to find your way and if not just hop into the nearest taxi and they will take you home. Also before I forget Bandra for its young crowd and Colaba Causeway where you can shop, eat, drink and party all within 1 km.
One managed to find a well located flat which has its benefits, close to office and situated behind the city’s best malls Phoenix Mills. Whether it was a quick bite or a movie post 10 pm all I have to do is hop across and hop back without any issues. My first 3 months I would say were the most exciting, everyday felt new there was something exciting and unfamiliar not to mention setting up my first home was fun. Small things which you don’t think about like vegetable shopping and getting the house cleaned regularly which I had done probably twice in my life, suddenly became important. Identifying the assortments of greens and what is most important, slowly onions, tomato, potato, chillies and garlic become a regular shopping list.
Its been almost 7 months, and after the initial excitement of being by yourself things became familiar and slowly life becomes a routine. After buying a TV which was much required and having internet at home, there’s much to do with work and getting home. Would you believe it I can actually cook now! All self-taught, ok not entirely but its a big thing. I also have a cat now so you can say that I am settled in the city of dreams for a while and loving it.
That’s all for now 🙂

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