Brinjal seeds


Naati and natural, Brinjal seeds for your garden to add to vegetable preparation and gravies. Brinjals take 2-2.5 months to be ready from seed to harvest, enjoy a nutrient rich soil and full sun (4-5 hours)

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  • Brinjals are a great addition to vegetable gardens
  • They can be grown easily alongside tomatoes and salad greens

How to Use?

Use in vegetable and gravy preparations

Care Instructions

  • Store the seeds in a dry place away from light
  • Once sown, the saplings will emerge in 5-7 days
  • After 40 days add a manure powder or cow solution to soil
  • Harvest once the brinjals emerge and turn purple (they should be soft to touch)
  • If you want to harvest seeds, let the brinjals overripe on the plant and then remove

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