Variegated Pothos (Money Plant) Cutting



Homegrown from cuttings, these healthy cuttings make a world of a difference when they come from a gardeners own home. Add them to your houseplant collection, pot them into a medium container of good quality garden soil and watch them grow. Place near brightly lit spot, water when the soil runs out

Size: 1 foot long with roots

Variegated Pothos variety


  1. Quality and healthy cuttings from a garden
  2. Grow quickly and large
  3. Increase air quality at home
  4. Get more cuttings from a single plant

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  1. Pot into a medium container (5-6 inches)
  2. Use a good quality potting mix with cocopeat
  3. Water when soil dries out
  4. Place in a brightly lit spot, away from direct sun
  5. Add an organic fertiliser once in 2 weeks
  6. Get more cuttings and increase greenery at home

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