Peperomia cutting (Houseplant)



Peperomia’s plants are among the hardiest, second to snake plants in terms of their low light tolerance and for fist buys among the first 5 that we recommend. These are homegrown by us, quality guaranteed and will increase the greenery inside homes naturally. Pot them into soil or leave them in water, these hardy oxygen breathing kinds are great to keep if your looking for zero maintenance self propagating plants!

Size of a cutting – 1 foot long, comes with roots



  1. Garden grown, natural and healthy quality
  2. Extremely low maintenance
  3. Watering once a week if in pots

How to Use?

Not to be consumed

Care Instructions

  1. Leave in water or pots
  2. Hate direct sunlight, avoid completely
  3. Indirect light is fine, even low light corners will do
  4. Add a solution fertiliser of curd in water once a month
  5. Water once a week
  6. Slow growing, will propagate, more cuttings can be got from a single one

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