Succulent Bush Plant



Homegrown, natural and large sized, these bush succulents are extremely hardy and wonderful to keep at home as part of indoor plants.

They prefer an area which gets partial light or bright light, well drained succulent soil can be used

Add texture and diversity to your garden, plant these in planter boxes, pots, best to place in your balcony

Maintenance level – Very Easy

Watering – Once in 4/5 days

Propagation – Yes

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  1. Easy to keep and maintain, fuss free
  2. Grows in partial to low sunlight areas as well
  3. Grows in pots and in large containers as well
  4. Grows from cuttings also

How to Use?

Not too be consumed

Care Instructions

  1. Water once in 4-5 days, depending on time of year more/less
  2. Take off any dried leaves
  3. Succulents store water in their leaves, less water required
  4. Repot in 6-7 months time
  5. Use a normal  mixed soil mix

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