Galangal/ Thai Ginger (Large sapling)


Greater galangal (Alpinia Galanga) has a distinguish aroma of ginger, pepper and pine needles and used in South Asian cuisines like Thai curries and soups. A medicinal herb known to bring relief for colds, flus and coughs.

The leave can also be used in culinary and the flowers are light pink-white which are aromatic once they flower

These large saplings need wide brim pots of at least 12-14 inches and full sun, a delight to have and your own culinary requirements in your backyard.

Size: Large (3-4 feet)

Come in sapling bag


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  1. Culinary use in South Asian cuisines
  2. Anti inflammatory
  3. Improves memory, lowers blood sugar
  4. Rich in Polyphenols

How to Use?

Used in Culinary preparations and beverages

Care Instructions

  1. Full sun required (4-6 hours)
  2. Pot in wide container, at least 12-14 inches
  3. Leaves can be used in the beginning
  4. Root takes 6-7 months to be ready, leaves will start drying out this is a sign
  5. Add an organic solution fertiliser once a month

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