Large Green Ceramic Planter (10 inch)


10 inch wide large green planter is perfect for dressing your large houseplants like Crotons, Neon Pothos, Fiddle leaf figs, Monsteras’s or even large colourful flowering varieties. Give them a new outfit in this green ceramic container and create a new look to your garden and house corners

This product does not come with any plant

Colours available – White

Size: 10 inches diameter




  1. Colourful and earthy for indoor or outdoor aesthetics
  2. Plants grow well in terracotta containers
  3. Eco friendly and long lasting

How to Use?

Use for gardening purpose

Care Instructions

  1. Place the container carefully after potting plant
  2. Add a plant underneath (hole in these containers)
  3. Wash/ wipe any mud/ soil with water and a cloth

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