Garlic Chives herbal sapling


Fresh and garlicy, chives belongs to the onion family and can be grown even in just 1-2 hours of sunlight. An aromatic, useful and delightful herb especially if you enjoy garlic and spring onions in cooking, the green shoots can be harvested every week and they keep growing back, giving you an ample harvest.

Come with soil and a container, size 4-5 inch pot container

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  1. Low maintenance, fast growing, quick harvests
  2. No pest attacks
  3. Keeps growing as long as you regularly harvest
  4. Useful in culinary preparations
  5. Aromatic and easy growing
  6. 1-2 hours sunlight required
  7. Watering ever alternative day or when soil is dry to touch

How to Use?

Use in culinary preparations, you can make dips, sauces, stir fry, add to rice and gravies

Care Instructions

  1. Full sun is recommended at least 1-2 hours daily
  2. Keep outdoors
  3. Regular watering
  4. Harvest the shoots regularly, every week recommended

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