Yeshwanthpur Tree Heritage walk (Near mahalaxmi metro station)

Yeshwanthpur Tree Heritage walk (Near mahalaxmi metro station)


This walk starts near Mahalaxmi Metro, metro side and ends at Bangalore Creative Circus.

Walk through quiet lanes of Yeshwanthpur dotted with different trees, local plants, herbs and wild spaces where calls of birds and insects can be heard. Recognize the significance of trees, local and non native ones, whether its the massive Raintree from South America that has become part of Bangalore’s green landscape or the historical Sampige tree variety whose flowers attracts butterflies and bees instantly and parts of Bangalore are named after.

This gives participants a small window into the world of gardening and plants as well, trees and plants which are local and useful and easy to grow and keep.


  • Short introduction Bangalore green heritage tag, how it started, background and objective
  • Explanation of important species as we walk, this is a slow walk, we stop at several areas along the route
  • Individuals are taught how to recognise trees, their key features, easy ones to identify, behavior of trees
  • Native vs Non native and the ones in between
  • Flowering trees of Bangalore, let’s spot the ones which are in full bloom
  • Origin of species, ecological role, food source, medicinal uses
  • Learn about herbal plants along the route
  • Forage the edible varieties, pick up fallen leaves, twigs, flowers, buds etc
  • An insight into gardening and growing useful plants for culinary and healing
  • The importance of stepping outside to the Natural world and why its great for you

Additional Details

Leaf’ it to us, learn about Histree’

Know Your Neighbourhood Trees’ are stories of trees in the heart of Bangalore. The immense diversity of species in a single space, why we need to identify tree species, learn their ecological role in maintaining stable climate and providing shelter in big growing cities like Bangalore. Do we ever stop and listen to Tree, hear about their history and appreciate the beauty of parks and green spaces created years ago. Listen, engage and learn about native, non native, ecology rich and preserves of biodiversity and climate stabilisers of your city through our walks and stories held on Saturday mornings in

Common Trees in Bangalore, Background and History (or histree’ as like to say), Native and non native species, Ecological Ecosystems, Climate, Importance in an urban setting. We use a Sensory approach engaging minds and learners, taste and smell are one of them.

1.     Ecological role of Trees
2.     History, background and Origin
3.     Characteristics and Behaviour
4.     Role in Urban growing cities
5.     Storytelling on Mythology
6.     Biodiversity and Trees; Relationships between flora and fauna
7.     Sensory Learning; Identify certain tree through colour, aroma and looks
8.     Forest species in the city
9.     Horticulture and history of Bangalore