Urban Tree Walks

The ones who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life – Rabindranath Tagore

Leaf’ it to us, learn about Histree’

‘Know Your Neighbourhood Trees’ are stories of trees in the heart of Bangalore. The immense diversity of species in a single space, why we need to identify tree species, learn their ecological role in maintaining stable climate and providing shelter in big growing cities like Bangalore. Do we ever stop and listen to Tree, hear about their history and appreciate the beauty of parks and green spaces created years ago. Listen, engage and learn about native, non native, ecology rich and preserves of biodiversity and climate stabilisers of your city through our walks and stories held on Saturday mornings in

What we cover in detail

Common Trees in Bangalore, Background and History (or histree’ as like to say), Native and non native species, Ecological Ecosystems, Climate, Importance in an urban setting. We use a Sensory approach engaging minds and learners, taste and smell are one of them. For students and schools an academic relevance is also given.

Our walks take place at beautiful parks in Bangalore at Iconic Parks, please follow us on www.facebook.com/agreenventure/ for latest updates

We conduct educational and topic specific walks for students between 5th and 10th grade, covering topics like Climate, History & Origin, Ecological impact and have quizzes for children.

For further inquiries and details click here or email a.green.venture101@gmail.com +91 9886400312