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Stop Killing Your Plants! Learn to Grow Microgreens, Ayurvedic Herbs in 3 Hours

Hear Reviews from customers, here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We took the farm guided trail with A Green Venture. Kavya was wonderful. She was very informative about the horticulture practices at the farm, organic gardening, how and where to procure organic produce and dairy and about the benefits of medicinal plants. Raghu the owner of the farm was warm and welcoming. The people who work at the farm took care of us like family.

Overall we had a memorable day. I will definitely recommend this experience for anyone seeking to spend a day away from the city which comes with the added benefit of a wealth of knowledge about healthier options and organic farming.

– Dipti Ravindra, visitor

“A wonderful farming workshop held by Dr Prabhakar, his team and Kavya Chandra from A Green Venture. A must-do for those interested in home gardening or natural farming or just learning all about different varieties of indigenous and exotic fruits and veggies, and how to multiply seeds at home! Loved every minute – will definitely be back for more :)”
. — Stuti Bhardwaj, visitor

“We wanted the team to curate a farm-to-table experience for a group of 100 school children. The aim was to educate children about the food they eat, where it comes from and why they should care about it.  It was executed in an engaging manner so children could absorb the content well. We learned the difference between natural and organic farming practices. We learned about the different crops and vegetables grown at the farm. Children got hands-on and attempted to plant ragi millet on freshly tilled area of the farm. We learnt different water conservation and rainwater harvesting techniques the farm employs. The highlight of the day was certainly the food that was served. All the food was prepared at the farm from ingredients sourced from the farm itself. In the morning we were served Ragi Malt.  In the afternoon we had fox millet bisi bele bath, curd rice and black rice jaggery payasam. All in all it was a day well spent.”
Arjun Bhat, Travspire (Educational Tour Guide)
“A Green Venture is a pioneer organization which is trying to inculcate eco-awareness amongst people. The events organised by them are highly curated and help promote organisations which share the same values. We have had a great time working with A Green Venture, as these events give us an opportunity collaborate and partner with organisations who believe is sustainability and using natural products. The audience at these events is also highly relevant for our brand.” – Aruj, Bhukkad (Chef)