Nature & Farm Visits

By exposing children and adults to the outdoors and natural world, we aim to address the issue of Nature Deficit Disorder, connect individuals to the outdoors,  create stories that inspire and facts that encourage minds to steer the course of preserving the natural world and choosing wisely. All our nature field learning takes place at organic biodiversity friendly farms where our educational programmes combine knowledge and fun for schools, families and groups.

Watch the video below and take a look at our itineraries after that.  


Itinerary for Families and Groups 

9:30  am – Reach the farm and have hot breakfast (1.5 hour drive from the city)

10:30 – 1:00 pm – A Guided and detailed farm trail with us, go fruit picking with us, learn about the bees, Learn how nature and the farmer take care of 30 kinds of fruit bearing trees, go swinging and climbing on the Banyan tree, See vermicomposting, Meet and pet the native desi cows, Learn about the wonders of Ayurvedic plants & herbs. We eat what is grown at the farm, watch what is grown that you eat for breakfast and lunch. 

1:30 pm -2:30 pm – Enjoy an authentic lunch spread, pure vegetarian, served on a banana leaf with many vegetables and pulses from the same soil!

Our full day visits take place at Chiguru Farm which is 65 km from South Bangalore 


Schedule and Itinerary for School and Nature Camps 

9:30 am – Reach the farm and have breakfast (1.5 hour drive from the city)

10:30 – 1:00 pm – Guided and detailed farm trail; Beekeeping, Horticulture area 30 kinds of fruit bearing trees, Water solutions (Rainwater and greywater), Spices, Vermicomposting, A2 native desi cows, Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Eco friendly farmhouse, Banyan Tree visit. Additional activities – Pottery and tractor ride provided for school groups 

1:00 pm -1:45 pm – Break for lunch and rest

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – Interactive traditional desi games/ discussions on farm-fresh

Our Nature Camps over for 1-2 nights depending on the requirement and go upto 3 nights in the summer. We have village trek, birdwatching, sapling planting, fun plant and biodiversity activities and keep your child engaged and immersed in our experiences. 

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