For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: What is A Green Venture about?

A: AGV curates or more specifically professionally designs eco learning activities/ workshops/ platform learning for individuals or consumers to directly access organic choices, connect with farmers, knowledge and learning.   We also build eco-based properties in an end-to-end perspective, for awareness, immersion, engagement and reflection eg. building an upcycled vertical garden structure that consumers build themselves at the end of the experience or farm visit education for awareness, immersion, engagement and reflection.

Q: How does AGV help me understand eco-living?

A: We address topics which are significant to our daily existence and connect individuals to sustainable living. For example fruits, vegetables and greens are consumed daily in households, however little information about naturally grown, chemical-free, keeping health, nutrition and knowledge of the source in mind are known. By creating outdoor natural experiences like farm education consumers connect directly to farmers/ growers, understand methods used, learn how local and natural food, role of nature, climate, biodiversity and connect the dots to sustainability in cities.

Q: What are the kind of activities and workshops that you do?

A: AGV curates or more specifically professionally designs eco learning activities/ workshops/ outdoor learning for groups. Our topics in sustainable living are focused on connecting individuals to different ways of being in touch with better living whether its waste management, kitchen gardening, upcycling even activities like nature walks, storytelling and children-friendly earth-friendly education

Q: What is the benefit of enrolling in such workshops and experiences?

A: Today a lot of individuals, students, professionals and families are not exposed to the education and learning we get from the natural world. We believe that through our work and opportunity you can access sustainable living whether its a product, service or expert and study the potential  to directly interact, imagine, learn in a natural environment that goes a long way to supplement current learning or a new learning. We also find through outdoor and activities children and adults enjoying knowledge and information that also leads to awareness and action on many fronts.

Q: How can I enroll in a workshop or farm visit experience?

A: You can sign up here for farm visits, once we have a group together we fix on a date and the farm for you. You can directly write in to us for a workshop inquiry. Get the latest updates on facebook or you can drop an email on or call us 9886400312.

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