A Green Venture Gardening Workshops

We cover multiple topics in gardening from microgreens to indoor plants, Ayurvedic and aromatic kinds and easy greens. This is ideal for basic gardeners and those looking at starting their own spaces. Our community garden grows over 12 different varieties of greens and small vegetables which is harvested and consumed regularly. We help you get started on gardening and also provide interesting plants which double up as medicinal and healing!

Held for 2-3 hours, we cover the following topics in gardening

  • Get your foundation right – Seeds, Soil and Sun
  • Starting with Microgreens and Easy greens for kitchen use
  • Explanation of useful Ayurvedic herbs and plants – Over 30 kinds
  • Indoor plants and Oxygen bombs for the house
  • Home remedies, tips and tricks
  • Bringing in the right insects and biodiversity
  • Seasonal vegetables and greens
  • Managing pests the organic way

Activities and DIY – Learn how to propogate indoor plants, pot your own container with our homegrown seeds and saplings which you take back along with our homegrown seeds, saplings, farm sourced soil and herbal plants and guidance notes

Watch the video of our gardening workshop below:

We also take group inquiries/ professional/ school workshops and bring all our material and content to you