We provide a customised theory and practical knowledge of growing your own greens, why composting matters, edibles greens at home harvested in weeks, enjoying relevant gardening from planting to plucking and connecting you better to food and waste. What we cover

  1. Basic understanding of gardening and soiling your hands regularly
  2.  Getting potting mix right, its all about compost
  3. Ease of composting and the benefits
  4. Veggies and greens that can be grown in a few weeks and months
  5. Tips and tricks, pruning and plucking
  6. Maintenance and recipes for bio solutions
  7. DIY your own edible delectable plant
  8. E-notes on guiding post the session

We curate sessions at apartment complexes, schools and offices. We enjoy busting garbage myths, composting woes and getting the most out of growing greens easily.



Our garden workshops cover several topics; Medicinal plants, easy greens, oxygen bombs, butterfly and bee attractors, herbal varieties etc. Growing from seeds, cuttings, the right soil mix, sunlight requirement and growing what you eat as much as possible.

Our workshops are held across the city including in our office located in RMV 2nd stage, Dollars Colony (North Bangalore) ping us on whatsapp on 9886400312 to know more. We can conduct workshops for a minimum of 15 individuals as well. 

We have a wide variety of plants, containers, organic and home-grown seeds for you to choose from. A Green Venture also designs small interactive herbal and useful garden set ups for homes and cafes in Bangalore.